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ARGO adheres to professionalism and trustworthiness

Why ARGO Cambodia?

Make Life Happier!

Like all business companies, Argo was created for the profit of course to promote and offer our best consulting services around real estate development projects. But our development is based on our basic principles which are the total respect and preservation of:

– Environment,

– Nature,

– Quality of life, life style and culture of people and last but not least, creating our national identity branding.

Our ultimate goal, in addition to offer our clients a well-being of living with nature, a unique style of its kind at the development site,  we privileged the maximum use of local resources as much in labor, material and natural while being totally and socially responsible.

Trust and quality come first!

Our Product
Our product as some sample shown below (European style), are suited to all kind of people living style but will ideally and greatly benefit:
– People who want to have peace, peace of mind, while located not far from the city and love to practice sports activities such as hiking, bicycling, jogging, etc..
– Special groups of people: i.e.: expat retired people, nature lover, and procure secure environment.

Our Values
Our business practices and our business model are guided by the following values:

Respect of nature and Environment
Social responsibility

Our Mission

Make things happen!

Our Mission is to create a resort and housing development project methodically based on:

– A good and appropriate project governance structure including internal and external stakeholders from the start,

– Clarity of roles and responsibility between stakeholders

– A systematic, thorough, and comprehensive feasibility study to avoid any surprise,

– Design, development, maintenance and sites/properties management,

– Create a standard version of a professional business model

– Manage expectations while maintaining a good business relationship and trust throughout the project with our various stakeholders and investors

– Build according to the geographical location by preserving natural resources as much as possible to connect life with nature.

Make Things Easier!

We offer our services in the field of residential, resort development and management. Our ‘turnkey’ service covering from project management, architecture, design, master plan development, MEP and construction in general.

Moreover, our services do not limit with the construction of a house, a building, or even a condo, our experienced consultants can assist you in your own housing or residential project or in business development (ex: research and identify trusted partners in order to bring together the various available investment funds) to grow your real estate assets and improve your returns on investment.

Mr. Satya Po

Founder & President

Mr. Bunsong Heng

Co-Founder & Member


Co-Founder & Member

Mr. Vibol Chun

Technical Advisor