Project Consultancy & Development

What We Consult and Do

ARGO Cambodia offers a specialized service in designing and developing a master plan from empty land to a final stage of project construction. We accept some kinds of projects such as resort, condo, residential and commercial types of property development. In addition, we are experienced in formulating and writing formal proposal as well as expressions of interest of your project. Specifically, we are very capable of developing resort/project master plan in compliance with the requirements of concerned ministry or provincial authority.
As professional company, we can help you regarding concept development at any stage below:
1. Vision and available insights
2. Site visit
3. Design sketches
4. Concept design
5. Masterplan design
6. Construction drawings
7. Building and construction of the campsite


The following is an overview of a formal proposal components required to submit to related authority if a resort planned to establish, and you will need to provide a higher level of detail than was required at the Expression of Interest stage.

The formal proposal you submit will be evaluated according to its site-specific merits and should include all of the following components:
-Your vision, including development goals and objectives
-A description of the project
-A technical inventory and analysis of the proposed resort lands, with appropriate mapping
-An environmental inventory of the proposed development lands
-Development concepts for the resort’s primary attractions, illustrating and discussing its balanced resort capacity
-Development concepts for staging and support facilities
-The type of all-seasons development and the amount of accommodation planned
-The main development phases, with an emphasis on how the first phase will be structured
-Infrastructure capability balanced to the size and scale of the concept
-Environmental issues and hazards resulting from the proposed development and planned remedies for these issues and hazards
-Economic and social impacts and land use issues, including proposed means of conflict resolution
-First Nations relationships and proposed mitigation of potential issues
-Economic feasibility, including high level presentation of cost estimates and expected streams of income
-Ownership and management structure
-Evidence of your financial capability to undertake and complete the master planning and approval process
When the provincial government receives your formal proposal, it will coordinate a provincial inter-agency, First Nations and local government review.

A successful proposal will be one that is judged to make the base use of the available land, with the least environmental impact and the best remedies to mitigate that impact.

Resort Master Plan

Master Plan Requirements

A Resort Master Plan is a detailed plan that is an integral part of the major project review process. It describes in detail how development of a resort area will go ahead.

A Master Plan is a refinement of the concept plans including technical and management information needed to support the development of the resort. A Resort Master Plan is a key part of the terms and conditions of a master development which includes:
-A description of the project’s vision
-A discussion of the project’s goals and objectives
-A detailed site inventory and analysis
-Presentation of resort concepts
-A presentation of resort plans, designs and supporting documentation
-A detailed implementation strategy
-A study of the project’s economic feasibility

Expression of Interest Requirements

Components of EOI

The following is an overview of components of an Expression Of Interest regarding the development of a resort:

-The nature of your intentions
-An outline of the project goals and objectives
-Maps that accurately illustrate general base features, legal and topographic features
-Preliminary site inventory and analysis
-Preliminary identification of a proposed Controlled Recreation Area
-Identification of resort development opportunities and constraints
-A preliminary concept describing the basic size and scope of the envisioned resort
-Preliminary market commentary
Once submitted, the expression of interest will be reviewed by the provincial government and then referred to other agencies. The branch may also seek public input at this stage.